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Hot Lunch Wednesday

Every Wednesday we serve pizza for lunch for all those that want it.

On Wednesdays, one of our volunteers, Mrs. Smith,  goes and gets pizza, salad, juice, fresh fruit and dessert from CostCo for all of us to enjoy. Pizza Wednesday is a popular event that the whole school looks forward to. At lunch time we all traipse into the Fellowship Hall where Mrs. Huckaby has the tables and chairs all set up for us to enjoy our lunch together. (Usually the students eat outside.) They all quickly go down the food line and choose between cheese or pepperoni pizza, grab a beverage, add salad to their plate and quickly get started on eating their lunch. It is fun to watch.


The kids often sit with their homeroom class, but not always. The camaraderie extends to sitting with different kids dependant upon their will at the time. Dessert usually consists of 2 Oreo Cookies or a Rice Crispy Treat. I am more drawn to the fresh fruit, but I can also be all over the Oreo Cookie option. I try to always set a healthy example, but sometimes the temptation is too much. Oreo Cookies have a strong pull for me.


Traditions are important to all communities. Food is the greatest  common denominators of most all celebrations and our tradition of PIzza Wednesday is no exception. Sitting around eating and laughing is the best part of traditions. In our small but mighty school, we are creating happy memories for all.

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