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Our Service Project for this Year

Pets in Need

Last year, our school service project was to make our garden a viable garden. The students raised money for: soil, garden boxes, seeds, starter plants and tools. They designed the boxes, secured volunteers to truck soil and lumber, they secured volunteers to build the boxes and filled 3 HUGE garden boxes with fruits and vegetable. It was a monumental undertaking that they pulled off seamlessly and, might I add, successfully! This year, we had trouble coming up with an idea for our service project, as last year’s was so epic.  We were wondering how we could top that! Then came the fires.


Our state was on fire for weeks. The destruction of communities was unprecedented. Many lives were lost. And, almost as a footnote, it was noted in the news reports about all the animals that were lost and homeless. Raising awareness for animals in need was an issue that our entire student body had no trouble getting behind.


One of our teachers is associated with a Hayward Shelter and, POOF, our service project was born. We are raising resources for the shelter. Their needs are basic - food and supplies.


Per our contact there,  they need:

  • Clumping scoopable kitty litter

  • Blankets (no quilts)

  • Peanut Butter for stuffing Kong toys

  • Kong stuffer toys

  • Long dog treat like Greenies, Alpo dental chews, etc.

  • Soft dog treats that can be cut into small pieces - jerky like

  • Cat toys

  • Squeaky toys

  • Tennis balls

  • Money (which we will turn into gift cards to a local pet supply store)


Our service project is going to run through the end of February. In March, the culmination of our service project will be in the form of a field trip to the shelter. There we will hand over the fruits of our labor. The students will get to meet some of the recipients of their work. It is going to be a win for all involved and I’m extraordinarily proud of our student council for recommending this project.


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