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Science Camp at Walden West

We leave in 3 short weeks!

A leadership team from Walden West is coming out today to present to their future campers all about their upcoming week. The students are torn between abject terror and eager anticipation. I have seen this presentation a number of times and have, personally, witnessed the hesitant ones turn themselves around and start looking forward to their week at Walden West. One year, I had a young man who was POSITIVE that he didn’t want to go to camp. He had never slept away from home before. He wouldn’t even look at the presentation as it was going on. After about 4 slides he turned back around, watched the presentation and really tuned in. Long story short, he went and had a FABULOUS time.


They are really good at what they do there. They have a phenomenal product that they are proud to share with any camper willing to go outside of their comfort zone and allow the magic to wash over them. I have been associated with them for at least 20 years, both as a classroom teacher and as a school leader. I look forward to my students’ week up there like no other. It truly is magical.


I am thrilled to be part of the team that is bringing the Walden West  experience to Stellar Academy students It really takes a collaborative team to make this happen. It took parents insisting. It takes a teacher willing to go up and spend the entire week with them. It takes an organized front office person to collect, organize and track ALL the paperwork. We have all of that here and more. Our small but mighty school proves, once again, that we got it goin’ on!


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