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Singing About Our Unsung Heroes

The Mortar to our Educational Bricks

As I type this blog post, I am listening to half of our population having PE in the Fellowship Hall. The rain has made indoor recess and PE a real thing. But our specialist staff is up to it. Right now I’m listening to PE games being run by Coach B, our PE coach. I hear competition, shouts of joy and squeaking sneakers on the floor. It makes me smile and, before I typed this, I was in a sour mood. Now, I’m sitting here quite content smiling about the cherubs that have been put in my charge.


Last week, one of the Middle Schoolers asked me if I missed teaching. And, as it turns out, I really do. I fill that gap by hanging with the kids at recess, lunch and the occasional times that I get to “sub” in their room.


Education is one of the only careers that I know of that actually gives back. I get random hugs, pieces of art, smiles from a young person that doesn’t like to smile at adults and the warmth that comes from knowing that we ARE making a difference, My career fills my bucket.


What fills your bucket?


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