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Singing About Our Unsung Heroes

The Mortar to our Educational Bricks - 2


Our students go to science class twice a week. This year they are working in the Earth Science discipline. As an educational practice, we focus on one of the 3 disciplines per year. This gives our students time and space to internalize the core concepts. In a traditional school, they would be expected to grasp all three core focusses for their grade level. We believe that going deeper into the concepts allows our students the time to really learn them for life, rather than learning them for just that year.

Currently, they are building a global GPS model as their engineering project. It is hard and they are struggling. Struggling but not giving up. Our science teacher has set it up in a "Makerspace" style. Pictured above are some of our Middle School students gathering materials from our classroom aide. The gallery pictures below are a quick look into what our staff sees when they walk into the science lab.



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