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Today's visitors

Come and see what "Learning Differently" really looks like!

We had 7 families attend our visitor’s day today. That is a record for me. Wow! I am excited that the word of our school is getting out there and people are listening. We started our day in the Fellowship Hall that the church had already starting decorating for the holidays. The lights around the room were so festive and made a great first impression. At least I was impressed - I love holiday lights and just like to pretend that others do too.

Every one of our visitors had done the vast amount of research that families do to help their child succeed. Their questions were thoughtful and from the heart. Some of questions were tinged with that all too familiar panic that most of you have experienced. My answer was always, “Yes, we can help your child.” I felt like most of them were very interested in starting as soon as possible. The interested queries ranged from 2nd through 6th grade.  It remains to be seen how their stories will play out in the fabric of our school. We look forward to taking the journey together.


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