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Celebrating Our Weather

As little as 2 weeks ago, we couldn't venture outside because of the smoke from the fires that were devastating our state to the north of us. Last Friday the students went outside for PE for the first time in a couple of weeks. It was glorious. Coach B had them up and moving and they all returned to class out of breath with smiles on their faces.


I hear that we’re expected to have an El Nino winter. That means, if our predictors are correct, that we are going to have a wet winter. I am excited about that possibility. We need it. For most of my adult life, we, as a state, have been struggling with water. More often than not, the struggle has been because there has not been enough. All too frequently we struggled because there was not enough rain for our farmers, reservoirs and mountains. I know more about conserving water than most of my peers in other states. I never take water for granted. I welcome the rain. If I could talk them all into it, we would still do PE and recess outside during the rain, but I know that the more level headed powers will prevail. I just love the rain.


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