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There are many reasons to choose Stellar Academy for your child’s education, but the most important reason is your child. We provide students with dyslexia an alternative approach to instruction to help meet their unique needs. Our specialized, multi-sensory approach has been proven to improve student performance in language arts and increase their confidence in and out of the classroom.

Please allow us to share some of the ways we accomplish this, and see why choosing Stellar Academy for Dyslexics is the best choice for your child’s future.

Our Purpose

At Stellar Academy, we are dedicated to teaching students with dyslexia the necessary coping strategies to help them succeed in the classroom. We proudly employ the Slingerland® approach to literacy, because we know it works! This methodology is a simultaneous, multi-sensory, structured approach for teaching language arts to dyslexic students in the classroom.

At Stellar, we know your children have the potential to become future inventors, successful business executives, teachers, doctors, firefighters, artists, or anything else they choose. Our job is simply to unlock the door. By using our success-oriented, progressive, multi-sensory approach to instruction, our students develop an enthusiasm for learning and overcoming the challenges of dyslexia to become leaders in the classroom.

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