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Programs and Services

Stellar Academy is dedicated to teaching students with dyslexia the necessary coping strategies to help them succeed in the classroom. Through the years, we have seen this success build student confidence in other areas of academics, social development, and ultimately their personal contribution to society.

Our students are of average to above-average intelligence yet have had difficulty acquiring language and reading skills through conventional instruction. These same students are responding to the alternative approach at Stellar. By using our success-oriented, progressive, multi-sensory approach to instruction throughout the curriculum, our students are developing an enthusiasm for learning.

In addition to our specialized instruction in language arts, Stellar offers a strong academic program guided by the standards of the state of California. Our school curriculum includes science, math, social studies, physical education, computers, and art. Through our program, students are building academic competence, acquiring effective work habits, and developing self-confidence.

Our Programs

At Stellar, we proudly employ the Slingerland® approach to literacy, because we know it works! This methodology is a simultaneous, multi-sensory, structured approach for teaching language arts to dyslexic students in the classroom.

Slingerland® is an internationally recognized teaching method for students with dyslexia. Developed in 1977 by Beth Slingerland, this approach has helped 3.5 million children (worldwide) overcome the challenges of dyslexia.

The Slingerland® approach starts with the smallest unit of language–the letter–and builds upon the concepts of its sight and sound until students are reading and writing sentences, paragraphs, and books. Utilizing auditory, visual, and kinesthetic processes, students develop strong learning channels in their brains that encourages academic competence and builds confidence in their own abilities to retain information and apply knowledge in a functional way.

To learn more about our program, please follow the links on the side of this page, and contact us if you have any questions.

Our Services

Stellar Academy has a proven track record of helping children with symptoms of dyslexia or who have been identified as having Specific Language Disability (SLD) become accomplished at reading, writing, and spelling. At Stellar, we provide a variety of services that meet the unique needs of our students. For more information about any of our service offerings, please see our Registration & Tuition page or contact us with questions.

Full-Day Placement
The object of our full-day program is to equip dyslexic students with strategies that allow them to return to regular public or private school placement in approximately two to four years. Our full-day program encompasses our entire curriculum of language arts, science, math, social studies, physical education, computers, and art.

Part-Day Placement
We offer two part-day programs that focus on language acquisition skills and learning strategies for students with dyslexia, one of which also provides math instruction.

In limited circumstances, Stellar provides on-site Slingerland tutoring. Stellar also recommends local privately contracted Slingerland tutors upon request. For more information or pricing, please see our Registration page.

Slingerland® Screening
Before a student may enroll at Stellar, we must know our approach will work for him/her. We have a list of highly qualified, Slingerland® Screeners from the Bay Area that we would gladly recommend upon your request. You can expect to pay $400 for screening.

Summer Camp
We offer a four-week camp focused on language arts and summertime fun. This camp is available for 1st - 8th graders. The students will attend half-day sessions for four weeks. This came is included in the tuition price for registered Stellar students or available to interested families on a first-come-first-served basis. Our camp is a great way for students to connect with one another and keep practicing the language skills they’ve learned throughout the school year. For those interested, please see the application.

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