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New Year, New Goals and New Friends

Our first day back in 2019

School started promptly at 8:15 this morning. We met in Fellowship Hall as we do every Monday morning. The staff and I had cooked up a group read for the kids (for those that know educational lingo - we did a choral read.) We read aloud Cindy-Elly by Frances Minters.  It may not have gone over as well as I had envisioned...  The students looked at us, largely in disbelief, as we read the book aloud to them with rhyme and in rhythm.  I'd like a do over, but I think I am just going to remember it as an overwhelming success. We enjoyed it at least.


All of our students returned happy and healthy from the 2 week break. The staff returned ready to take on the next, critical leg of our school year. There were smiles and stories about our time away - almost everyone had a fun story to tell. The joy was rampant and, it looks like, this day is going to come off like clockwork. On to tomorrow!


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