TGIF (Tannenbaum Green Is Festive)

My weekly message for 12/18/20

Dear Team Stellar,


Last night was the last night of Hanukkah and today marks the beginning/middle of all our holiday celebrations. We have the next 2 weeks off!! It is my fervent hope that good sleep, good food, good fun and good tidings befall our community. There is so much that we can't (or shouldn't do) over this holiday season. I'm requesting that you focus on the things that you CAN do: snuggle with your family, take walks outside, hold hands, enjoy a warm beverage, take residence under your favorite blanket or blankets and be non-productive, laugh, cry and sing together. We have all learned many coping strategies over these past LONG 9 months. We've got this. I'll be working diligently on trying to follow my own advice..... I took great joy, this morning, in turning off my daily 6:15 am alarm. It really is the little things.



This past Wednesday, our curriculum distribution is deemed another success. Goodies were exchanged and smiles and laughter was the order of the day. Thanks again, to our intrepid volunteers Sharon and Maria! You two rock and we couldn't do this without you!! On this same note: thanks for the gifts that you brought us. We were touched and reminded about why we do what we do. Our families ROCK!!!


Speaking of our families: There is still time to donate to Stellar before the end of the calendar year. We are almost halfway to our stated goal. I am hoping to be able to pay for the play structure installation with this campaign. We installed the fence around the play area and paid for our physical move with our last fundraising campaign; now it's time to raise money for the fun stuff!!!!



Please know that unless Alameda county comes out of purple and stays in red for at least 2 weeks, we will NOT be coming back to in person instruction. There needs to be a trend of the virus infection rate slowing and hospital ICU availability increasing for that to happen. Encourage your friends and neighbors to follow the mandates that will help move our county forward rather than backwards.


Also in January: There is a strong possibility of at least 2 new students starting in January. If you have friends that are considering the move to Stellar for their child, contact me and we can talk about available discounts for them and you, as well as the offer of a little scholarship money for new students.


From the sublime to the ridiculous. Enjoy.

I troll facebook and Twitter everyday for links to add to my emails. These 2 stood out from all the rest. (For this week, anyways.)



LOOKING AHEAD: (colored entry means that it has changed/added from last week)

  • Wed. 12/16 - SIP pick up and drop off day. 1:30 - 3:30
  • Fri. 12/18 - Minimum Day (Release time will be 11:55 am) 
  • 12/21 - 1/3 - Winter Break
  • Mon. 1/4 First school day of 2021!!! (see above re January)
  • Mon. 1/18/21 Holiday; no school; Martin Luther King Jr. 
  • Tentative back to school in person date: Tues. 1/19/21??
  • Wed. 1/27 SIP pick up and drop off day. 1:30 -3:30
  • Mon. 2/15 Holiday, no school, President's Day
  • Fri. 3/19 no school; Professional Development Day
  • SPRING BREAK -  4/2 - 4/11  
  • Fri. 5/28 - Mon. 5/31; no school; Memorial Day Weekend
  • Fri. 6/18 - Last Day of School; early release 11:55.



Warmest regards,



LoriAnn Abrahams

Proud Head of School

Stellar Academy for Dyslexics

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