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My Friday weekly message 10/16/20

Dear Team Stellar,


I feel like Fall is finally starting to reign. Colors and weather** are returning to as it should be. Confession: Fall is my favorite season, so I always tend to wax poetic this time of year. Although I do miss the yet to be experienced crispness - **what's with this 90+ degree weather?!?!?!?


Speaking of Fall colors - I have attached the order for Stellar Logo Wear to this email. (It's the one with all the numbers, the L&O one is just a funny cartoon.) I sent it out originally on Monday asking for your order by today. We can accept orders through next week. So take the weekend to choose and decide. :D


Moving Forward: 

I am putting together a small team for help in implementing our expected January reopening plan. We have options and I would like input from a small group of you. We are going to be looking at: protocol implementation and schedules among other topics. This is a moving target as we are mandated by the county to account for all of our decisions. A moving target because this past Tuesday, our county moved from RED to ORANGE. Two weeks before that we moved from PURPLE to RED...


At this point, it will be an in person meeting in our room 7 on Saturday, November 7 at 1:00. I need to limit it to 10 people due to Ohlone protocols. The first 10 that RSVP will be on the attendee list. Please limit to 1 adult per household. I recognize that both parents have a stake in this, but we can only do what we can do. All of that being said, the County Office of Education is coming out with new guidelines on Monday, October 26, so our limits may change. Thanks in advance for not yelling at me... To attend: please plan on wearing a mask for the entire meeting.


Additionally, to prepare for a valuable discussion, please keep a close watch on what other, small private schools do well and what they should have done with respect to their opening procedures and protocols. It looks different in actuality than it does on paper.


And finally - 

My fun links:


This must be the week for musicians messing with us... I hope you enjoy them:



LOOKING AHEAD: (colored entry means that it has changed/added from last week)


Tues. 10/20 - Student Council 12:00 pm (reminder)

Wed. 10/28 - SIP pick up and drop off day

F 10/30: Wax Museum; Minimum Day

Th 11/5 - Visitor's Day

Sat. 11/7 - School Opening Team Meeting 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm.

Wed 11/11 Veterans Day - No School

Wed. 11/18 - SIP pick up and drop off day.

Fri 11/20 Minimum Day (Thanksgiving Feast? TBD)

11/23 - 11/27 - Thanksgiving Break

Wed. 12/16 - SIP pick up and drop off day.

Fri. 12/18 - Minimum Day 1:00 release

12/21 - 1/3 - Winter Break

Mon. 1/4 First school day of 2021!!!


Warmest regards,



LoriAnn Abrahams

Proud Head of School

Stellar Academy for Dyslexics

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