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My weekly message for 1/15/21

Dear Team Stellar,


This has been week 2 of teaching from home and this will continue, likely,until the end of the month. I do have a 1/19/21 meeting with Ohlone to try and expedite things. We shall see.


Behind the scenes: To date, just in this calendar year, there have been 5+ Slingerland screenings and more have been scheduled. More and more families are hearing about us and taking the baby steps to make it happen. Most of you have gone through the "should we or shouldn't we?" phase of the journey and can empathize with these families. Add a pandemic to the mix and here we are.


To that point, this past Wednesday, I accepted another 4th grader into our small but mighty community. Her name is Patricia; she is beyond excited to be coming to Stellar. Most students won't see her until math, as she is also receiving Slingerland from our beloved Mrs. Castillo each morning. Let the welcoming commence!!!


Yes, I know that new state/county mandates are out. I have all the docs and am spending time parsing them for your information. Bottom line is that as long as Alameda county is in "purple" there will be no change to our routine. Further, we have to be out of purple for 5 consecutive days to even consider a change in status. I will be hosting a Town Hall in the next week or 2, so stay tuned - watch this space for updates.


REMINDER: This is a 3 day weekend. "See" you onTuesday!!


My fun links: All Together Now  by: OK Go 

(ending is almost the best part.) (Almost...)

snow joy



LOOKING AHEAD: (colored entry means that it has changed/added from last week)

  • Mon. 1/18/21 Holiday; no school; Martin Luther King Jr. 
  • Wed. 1/27 SIP pick up and drop off day. 1:30 -3:30
  • Mon. 2/15 Holiday, no school, President's Day
  • Fri. 3/19 no school; Professional Development Day
  • SPRING BREAK -  4/2 - 4/11  
  • Fri. 5/28 - Mon. 5/31; no school; Memorial Day Weekend
  • Fri. 6/18 - Last Day of School; early release 11:55.

Warmest regards,



LoriAnn Abrahams

Proud Head of School

Stellar Academy for Dyslexics

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