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My weekly message for 3/12/21

Dear Team Stellar,


One year ago today was the last day in our classrooms with students. We had NO idea. When we went home that Friday, we expected to see everyone on Monday morning. I was going to institute temperature screening to make sure that students weren't arriving with a fever. Less than 24 hours later, the world changed my mind and I "pulled the plug." I thought it would be for four to six weeks at most. Boy, was I wrong.


Recall, we took 2 days, Monday and Tuesday, to turn it around. You all picked up your kits on Wednesday and we hit the road with online instruction that Thursday morning. We were one of the few schools that had instruction at all, not to mention that ours was almost a full day of instruction. We added brain breaks after each academic block and made it work. The kudos for what we were able to do then and what we continue to do are still rolling in. Many called wanting to use our program as a blueprint for what they might be able to do. I shared what we did and how we did it with all who asked; we continue to be in this together.


Here we are 1 year later. We have only been back in person for 2 weeks. We still don't have all of our students back, but each week, our student population grows by one student more. Currently we are at 13 of our 18, with 2 more expected on Monday. The world is beginning to step up and we are right there for that!! We got this.


Now, Back to our regularly scheduled program:


Not to brag, OK, maybe just a little brag, but my Facebook Birthday fundraiser has raised $ 1,300.00 (so far) for our school!!!! It is ridiculously easy to do. The check will get mailed to us in about a month. 100% of donations go to us - there are no off the top fees. So, there's that. Please consider this as a painless way to give.


Shout out to our crack I/T team!!  OK, I exaggerate with the word team; there are 3 of them. One of them was here today activating our Alexa Dots in all our rooms AND installing the "microphone necklaces" in our classrooms. Today's good deed was done by my husband Rod. Many of you have met him as I usually invite him to our Back to School Night. This gives our families a chance to meet him before they see him around the campus. I like for families to be able to identify all the adults they may see on our campus during the day. For those who may have been wondering who "that guy" was if they saw him on campus, it was him.... :D


A second shout out to the rest of our I/T team: Ken Smith (former parent - still a big supporter) and Sampada Chavan (current board secretary.) They are our behind the scene, website guru's. We had to put our website on the back burner during the last calendar year, but we are back now and will be updating it and giving it a renewed look. Little by little the application forms are getting updated, the banners are being improved and the content is being overhauled. (with a TON of input from Mindy Rubin - current parent.) (Thanks Mindy.)


Reminder: This Saturday night/Sunday morning is DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME... Clocks will be moved forward by an hour. This is the tough one where we lose an hour.... at least it's tough for me....


Another Reminder: There is no school next Friday. While this has been a planned professional development day and has been on our calendar since the beginning of school, it turns out to be, quite fortuitously, the day when most of the staff will be receiving the second dose of the vaccine. That is a professional development day well spent.


Have a great weekend and I will see most of you in the car line Monday morning!


A wedding song....


LOOKING AHEAD: (colored entry may mean that it has changed/added from last week, or that I want you to be sure and see it..)

  • Fri. 3/19 no school; Professional Development Day
  • SPRING BREAK -  4/2 - 4/11  
  • Fri. 5/28 - Mon. 5/31; no school; Memorial Day Weekend
  • Fri. 6/18 - Last Day of School; early release 11:55
  • Summer school - June 28 - July 23; Our campus


Warmest regards,



LoriAnn Abrahams

Proud Head of School

Stellar Academy for Dyslexics


39399 Cherry St. NP 2, Newark  CA 94560

PO Box 1319, Newark CA  94560

school: (510) 742-3165  

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