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Dear Team Stellar, I mentioned, at Back to School night, that I am reverting back to the once a week emails. I recognize that some of you got very accustomed (and actually looked forward to) my daily pieces of joy, sorry. I also recognize that others of you are inundated with a plethora of emails and one less is a true bonus. As a compromise, I will still include at least one fun link... Good? Great!! We had 28 folks log into our Back to School Night. Thank you for taking the time. It was a first for all of us. I thought the staff did an exceptional job and I continue to be proud of all that we do. Our small but mighty school crosses another first off our list of many firsts! The SIP handout day went well. Everyone was prepared and was respectful of our protocols - thanks for that too. Let's talk about our first day.... Only 2 glitches that I know of. Both were fixed by day 2. Nice job Team Stellar!! At our staff meeting immediately following the first day of school, I asked the staff for the positives for the day. Here is a list of words that they gave me - Kids were: Enthusiastic, present, participation was high, all took glitches in stride and all said good-bye at the end of the day!!! Tech Reminder: Use your Google calendar to log into classes. Logging in via mails can be unreliable. Remember to send me your first day of school pictures. May be yearbook fodder, may be end of the year video fodder, may be email fodder - one never knows with me. I like to keep you guessing! :D In their Read Aloud/Social Studies classes, students are being asked about their interest in running for student council. If this interests your child, they will be asked to write a speech and present it next week. The exact date of their speeches is up to their Social Studies teacher. After the speeches, there will be a class vote; 1 SC member per class. I hope to announce the members of our 20/21 student council in next Friday's email. Please encourage your student to participate. I have heard from so many kids that they wished they had run. They wanted to but were too nervous/scared/shy... SC involves a lunch meeting with me about twice a month. We plan and execute the fun days, the annual service project and whatever leadership opportunities present themselves along the way. Calendar Reminder: Check the calendar on our website for updates. I will email change announcements, but not a new calendar. LOOKING AHEAD: Mon. Sept. 7: Labor Day; No School (This is a 3 day weekend!) Sun. Sept. 13 - Grandparents Day. (Hug your grandparent!s!!) (If you can... else call and send love...) Fri. Sept. 19 Rosh Hashanah 9/21-9/25: Parent/Teacher Conferences. Minimal day all week - release at 1:00 each day. Tues. 9/22 - First Day of Autumn Sun. 9/27 - Yom Kippur Th 10/1: Our first Visitor's Day. If we do it, it will be virtual. F 10/30: Wax Museum; Minimal Day Fun link: joy for the adults (It might not mean much to our younger listeners; it made me swoon.) Warmest regards, LoriAnn Abrahams Proud Head of School Stellar Academy for Dyslexics
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