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My weekly message for 11/6/20

Dear Team Stellar,


Our first week of November is now in our rear view mirrors. Also, please  remember that next Wednesday, 11/11, is a Federal Holiday - Veteran's Day. School will be closed in honor of our Nation's Vets and our military currently serving. And of course, the Presidential election happened this week.. (Is still happening at the time of this writing..)


Speaking of elections -


From the Student Council

  • Our next Friday Fun Day will be Friday, November 13. 
  • The dress for the day will be "Your Future Career."
  • They are researching ideas for Virtual Field Trips. If you have some ideas, please share them with us.

Results of our "elections" 

And the winner is:  Room 7 will be henceforth, referred to as....... THE DEN. Second place was a tie between The Cat Den and The Cove. Thanks to all that participated in our little microcosm of democracy. It was close.


Parent poll on returning to in person instruction results:


Yes - 11

No - 1

Maybe - 2


Before we officially move forward with the date of Monday, November 30, I will schedule another Town Hall Meeting ASAP. There are still a couple of pieces to this jigsaw puzzle that I need to settle first, but in the meantime, be thinking about gathering school supplies for your student. They will need 1 set of everything for each of their classrooms (math, reading, science, etc.) as no supplies may be shared between students. Each classroom will store their toolbox - aka a clear, plastic shoebox.


Teachers will be able to be more specific, but for starters, you will need:

  • a clear, plastic shoebox; 1 for each class per their classroom schedule
  • a dozen sharpened pencils
  • box of thick and thin color markers
  • crayons
  • sharpened colored pencils
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • eraser
  • sticky notes

Please note:  Some students may choose to bring their toolkit with them to each class rather than have one per room. That is a discussion and decision each family should make together.


Additionally, for their outdoor time breaks/recess they will need their own outdoor kit. Each kit might include:  a jump rope, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, art supplies (paper and drawing tools), markers for hopscotch, book, hacky sacks, etc. Consider including whatever items your student would enjoy using while spending time outdoors. No items may be shared with other students.


For your reading pleasure, I have again attached our plan for opening back up to in person instruction. 


A Huge Calendar Change: It was pointed out to me that our Spring Break was at odds with most of the school districts around here. That is 100% my fault. I'm going to change our Spring break dates from 4/17- 4/25 TO 4/2 - 4/11. I truly apologize if this wreaks havoc with your family's plans. It is my fervent hope that this actually eliminates more issues than it causes.


LOOKING AHEAD: (colored entry means that it has changed/added from last week)


Wed 11/11 Veterans Day - No School

Wed. 11/18 - SIP pick up and drop off day.

Fri 11/20 Minimum Day (Release time will be 11:55 am)

11/23 - 11/27 - Thanksgiving Break

Wed. 12/16 - SIP pick up and drop off day.

Fri. 12/18 - Minimum Da(Release time will be 11:55 am) 

12/21 - 1/3 - Winter Break

Mon. 1/4 First school day of 2021!!!

SPRING BREAK -  4/2 - 4/11



The best EVER ABC's!!


Ben & Lin-Manuel



Warmest regards,



LoriAnn Abrahams

Proud Head of School

Stellar Academy for Dyslexics

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