TGIF (Triominoes Game Is Fun)

My Weekly Friday Message 5/17/2019

Dear Stellar Families,


Catching up from last week: Last Thursday, we had a visiting teacher in all our science classes. His name is "Casper" and he is a Ghost Ball Python (snake.)  Casper was brought to us by the Smith Family. Each student had a chance to look, learn and touch/hold him during their class time. There was a fact sheet handed out (attached below) and pictures were taken (attached below.) It was a real education for all of us. Thanks again to Tylor, Sharon and Ken for sharing and giving us all the opportunity to learn about inhabitants of our earth.


A random water reminder: For the last 2 weeks, we have been having a student rush in our office for bottles of water... "I forgot my water bottle..." Please remember to send your student to school everyday with a reusable water bottle. We have a very limited number of bottled waters and need to not be handing them out at the rate that has occurred this last couple of weeks. Thanks in advance.


State of the School Meeting: Thank you to those of you that took time out of your busy lives to attend on Wednesday night. It was very informative. The big takeaway, for those of you that weren't able to make it, is that Cedars extended our lease through June 2020. However, it is our fervent hope to be able to move into our new facilities before that time. Tuition and registration is now live for next school year. The Tuition and Fee agreement is attached to this email. You can also come in and fill out the packet or most of it is on-line. The board really appreciated all your feedback. They will be following through with updates as we work through the feedback. Thanks again.


Clothing Drive: Sharon is looking to close the clothing drive by Wed. June 5. Please bring all of your donations in before that date and thanks!!!


Some puzzlers: This week, I had the privilege of hosting the 4th - 7th graders each morning while their homeroom teachers did one on one assessments. Monday and Tuesday, we did a math walk around our campus. On Wednesday, I presented them with some brain puzzlers. Tan-grams - a curse or a joy, depending upon your ability to think outside of the box. (NOT my strength..) Anyway, I have attached the file that I used for those of you that might be interested in taking up the brain bending challenge. During our time together on Thursday, I gave them a paper and pencil packet of brain teaser puzzles. It wasn't as fun as the tan-grams and a couple took up the tan-gram challenge again in an effort to solve ALL of the puzzles presented. For today, I had an outdoor scavenger hunt activity planned. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate. We had to stay indoors. I'll have to save the scavenger hunt for another day and another time.


Enjoy your weekend; I will see you all on Monday!




Warmest regards,



LoriAnn Abrahams

Proud Head of School

Stellar Academy for Dyslexics


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