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My weekly message for 3/26/21

Dear Team Stellar!


Happy first week of Spring! It feels like California might be done with it's second winter and now we can move onto Spring. Weather has been cooperating with us such that we've experienced a minimum of rainy days and, specifically, rainy day recesses.


It looks like, next week, Alameda County will be joining our neighbors Santa Clara, San Mateo, Marin and San Francisco counties in the Orange Tier. That will not change what does or does not happen at our school; we are already operational. We will continue to practice safe and healthy protocols for our entire community - screening, social distancing, masks and hygiene. This has been the healthiest flu season on record. Who knew that handwashing and keeping your hands to yourself would promote healthy living? Oh, only every single teacher on the face of the planet.. 😂😂😂


Sent home today: The Walk-a-Thon paperwork. This is one of our more popular annual traditions. Raising money is not required to participate; everyone participates even if you don't raise any money!!! Start hitting up your friends and family right away. If you have any questions, as always, please don't hesitate to ask. Our at home families can have their envelope mailed home or you can pick it up on Wednesday during our monthly curriculum pick up and drop off. Let us know. Note prizes are awarded for most laps completed and most money raised. And I give good prizes.. (..cough.. medals.... cough...)


Also included in the envelope is a mailer card that was sent to neighborhoods around our school. If any of your friends/family enroll with this card in hand, I will honor the $500.00 filing fee waiver even if it is past 3/31/21. Word of mouth is our strongest outreach tool. Now that we have the space, let's fill it up!!


The winners of our "COVID Wear" contest with 100% participation are: Mrs. Romo's and Ms. Mawson's Slingerland classes!! Nice work all. I am including  some pictures from our "COVID Wear" Day today. Any excuse to wear Uggs to school is a good day. Thanks for participating.


FYI: Occasionally I may not be running the car line in the morning. In the case of last week and this coming Wednesday it is because I will be hosting virtual school tours. For those of you that went on a school tour with me "in the before time" recall that it starts and ends with me chatting and fielding questions. Next Wednesday, the school tour starts at 8:15 with me online setting expectations of our potential families and then I walk them, via my laptop, into each Slingerland classroom. We spend 15 minutes at each level, from beginning to advanced, and then I debrief with them afterwards. It is a most impressive morning and I enjoy every minute of watching our instructional team bring the magic to our students. If you have a family that is interested in attending our school, have them contact us and I will arrange for them to receive the tour as well.



  • Next week is a 4 day week. Spring Break begins on Friday, April 2.


Stellar Summer Camp:

  • Dates: Monday, June 28 through Friday, July 23
  • First come, first served. 
  • IF interested, please fill out the application linked below.
  • Time: 8:15 - 12:30; optional math hour from 1:00 - 2:00 at extra tuition cost.
  • Tuition for current families: $ 500.00 + $ 400.00 optional math block tuition.
  • Tuition for non current families: $ 1895.00 + $ 400.00 optional math block tuition.
  • Register online at our website. Link: Summer Camp Application


LOOKING AHEAD: (colored entry may mean that it has changed/added from last week, or that I want you to be sure and see it..)

  • Weds. 3/31 - Report cards mailed/sent home next week.
  • SPRING BREAK -  4/2 - 4/11 
  • Fri. 4/16 - WALK-A-THON 12:45 - 2:00 Far Back Parking Lot
  • Tue. 5/4 - Fri. 5/7 SCIENCE CAMP (Grades 5-8) Optional
  • Fri. 5/28 - Mon. 5/31; no school; Memorial Day Weekend
  • Fri. 6/18 - Last Day of School; early release 11:55
  • Summer school - June 28 - July 23; Our campus



Rainbows and multi- tasking


Queen in 2 languages is still Queen!




Warmest regards,



LoriAnn Abrahams

Proud Head of School

Stellar Academy for Dyslexics


39399 Cherry St. NP 2, Newark  CA 94560

PO Box 1319, Newark CA  94560

school: (510) 742-3165  

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