TGIF (Turkey Gravy Is Fattening)

My weekly message for 11/20/20

Dear Team Stellar,


Well, here it is, our Thanksgiving Break!!! On behalf of myself and our entire staff, we'd like to wish you a Happy and SAFE week off. Many of us are going to spend our time doing mindless chores and whatnot. We all pretty much had to scuttle our travel plans due to the rising numbers, so we are going to remain local. Remaining local is not so bad if you consider that we can at least be out of doors - a luxury not really permitted our neighbors to the north and to the east...


Thanks to all of you that attended our Town Hall last night.  We are all in this together and we need to remind ourselves of that every once in a while. Be conscientious and vigilant and all should be fine. We are all counting on you to do the right thing. Our community is strong. We got this.


Our Wednesday pick up/drop off came off without a hitch. Thanks again to our awesome volunteers - Maria and Sharon. They have become the face of our community for many of you and I couldn't be prouder of them. IF YOU HAVEN'T YET, PLEASE RETURN THE STUDENTS' WORK FOLDERS; WE HAVE RUN OUT!!! We need them before next month's distribution. Thanks in advance. Disregard this message if you turned it in on Wednesday... 😉


The staff and I enjoyed a modified Thanksgiving Feast from Macaroni Grill courtesy of our Costco credit card points. I bought gift cards with them..... it was yummy and I thoroughly enjoyed watching our staff enjoy each other. Pictures below.


I know I said it in the first paragraph, but it bears repeating: Have a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!!!! See you, virtually, on Monday, November 30. Same bat time; same bat channel.



LOOKING AHEAD: (colored entry means that it has changed/added from last week)

Wed. 11/18 - SIP pick up and drop off day. 1:30 - 3:00

Fri 11/20 Minimum Day (Release time will be 11:55 am)

11/23 - 11/27 - Thanksgiving Break

Wed. 12/16 - SIP pick up and drop off day. 1:30 - 3:30

Fri. 12/18 - Minimum Day (Release time will be 11:55 am) 

12/21 - 1/3 - Winter Break

Mon. 1/4 First school day of 2021!!!

Mon. 1/18/21 Holiday; no school; Martin Luther King Jr. 

Tentative back to school in person date: Tues. 1/19/21

Mon. 2/15 Holiday, no school, President's Day

Fri. 3/19 no school; Professional Development Day

SPRING BREAK -  4/2 - 4/11  

Fri. 5/28 - Mon. 5/31; no school; Memorial Day Weekend

Fri. 6/18 - Last Day of School; early release 11:55.



Best Cover Band EVER!!!!! I hope you can see it because I pirated it from a friend's facebook page....


Warmest regards,



LoriAnn Abrahams

Proud Head of School

Stellar Academy for Dyslexics


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