TGIF (Turtles Grow Into Friends)

My Friday weekly message 9/11/20

Dear Team Stellar (This is a long one - sorry,)

The week started with the smoke still hovering and giving us air quality warnings and I also heard of power outages around the bay because of record breaking temperatures. This week ended with us not being allowed onto campus because of the toxic air quality. Oh, and a pandemic... This is an interesting time to be aware.

We had a few technical glitches this week, but "Everyday and in every way, we're getting better and better..." Two of our teachers have taken on Google Classroom. The procedures are slightly different there. Bottom line is to use the calendar and "accept" your invitations.

Student Council - Congratulations to: I know who they probably are, but I'm not sure that they all do yet, so watch this space next week!!

Monthly SIP Updates: The monthly distribution of new academic tools will be on the last teaching Wednesday of each month starting at 1:45. We are going to combine picture day with the first pick-up/drop off. Sept. 30 - School picture day (1 pic with and 1 without their mask) Oct. 28 - Nov. 18 Dec. 16 Additionally, the teachers all ask that when you come to pick up the curriculum that you also drop off their work for the month: Slingerland AND Math work.

I have started, once again, uploading my Friday message to our website. Now that we are back and better than ever, this is one of the ways that other families can find us. Word of mouth and web searches are our 2 best marketing tools. We got this.

On a personal note: I was invited, and subsequently accepted, a position on the Slingerland Institute Advisory Committee. We are in the process of rebuilding the brand from the ground up. If you have any thoughts about this, contact me and let me know. Our first order of business is to rewrite/redesign the mission and vision of the organization. We meet every other Wednesday - you have 5 days and... GO!!!

Thank you to our entire community for your understanding and patience with our situation today. Moving forward, the teachers will keep a version of their classroom tools at home so that, should this happen again, we can still have instruction.


Sun. Sept. 13 - Grandparents Day. (Hug your grandparent!s!!) (If you can... else call and send love...)

Fri. Sept. 19 Rosh Hashanah

9/21-9/25: Parent/Teacher Conferences. Minimal day all week - release at 1:00 each day.

Tues. 9/22 - First Day of Autumn

Sun. 9/27 - Yom Kippur

Wed. 9/30 - SIP pick up and drop off day.

Wed. 9/30 - School picture day, starting at 1:45

Th 10/1: Our first Visitor's Day. If we do it, it will be virtual.

Wed. 10/28 - SIP pick up and drop off day

F 10/30: Wax Museum; Minimal Day

Th 11/5 - Visitor's Day

Wed 11/11 Veterans Day - No School

Wed. 11/18 - SIP pick up and drop off day.

Fri 11/20 Minimum Day (Thanksgiving Feast? TBD)

11/23 - 11/27 - Thanksgiving Break

Wed. 12/16 - SIP pick up and drop off day.


Fun Link: Piano Cat


Warmest regards,

LoriAnn Abrahams

Proud Head of School Stellar Academy for Dyslexics

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